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“I believe women deserve to be treated with respect and integrity when making financial choices. They should have the freedom to ask questions and the time to explain their individual needs. Good financial advice takes time – when you trust me with your financial wellbeing, I take this responsibility seriously.”

Susan Jackson
author, money mentor and speaker

Money Management

Successful money management begins with knowing and understanding yourself. So much of how we deal with money relates to how we feel about it. We’re here to help you get a handle on both the practicalities of your financial position and goals and just as importantly, how you deal with money – the emotions that drive your decisions.

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Why we do what we do

Good financial advice takes time. You don’t have a coffee with someone twice and then magically become best friends. It takes time and it’s about building a relationship. Too often people’s money matters are treated as a transaction which really – to put it plainly – annoys us. We believe in taking an interest and working alongside clients. We’ll never be the biggest company out there; but we’ll probably be the most satisfied with what our work delivers…

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Our busy world demands practical help and tools. That’s exactly what ms money delivers. Designed for all the big money milestones and issues – debt reduction; family finances; buying a home, retirement etc – get your money in order with practical tips and accessories for everyday life.

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Separating is stressful enough without money becoming a contentious issue. For couples seeking calm, supportive guidance to separate their finances with as little emotional upset as possible, this is the place to start. Neutral facilitation to navigate the detail of money and separation.

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